Nintendo Switch Bundle Deals

The Nintendo Switch has a regular stand-alone price of about $300. While people choose to buy the console on its own there are several great Nintendo Switch bundle deals that exist on the market. I’ll do my best in this article to help inform you of some of the best bundles that you can find on the market at this point in time.

Where Can I Find a Bundle?

One way to search for bundles is to visit big retail chains like Walmart and Best, which will often have their bundles on display. Even if you don’t see a bundle you can ask an employee if there are any available. GameStop is also another good place to look for pretty much anything Switch related. With the high demand of the Switch, however, I can’t promise that you’ll find the exact bundle that you are looking for in stock. This is especially true in the case of official 1st-party bundles, which are almost always sold-out.

A better option would probably be to use Google or some other online search engines. Google, for example, usually has shopping results listed at the top of the page for convenience, so just look through those and see if anything catches your interest. In terms of online bundle searching I find that at the moment GameStop has a varied collection of high-quality bundles, so I would recommend checking to see what they are offering as your first step.

The Best Video Game Bundles

The best video game bundles feature some of Nintendo’s most successful Switch games. These include Nintendo’s two official bundles for games that you have probably already heard of, which are Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. These bundles sell the Switch and the game in a combined package that usually goes for around $359.99 if you buy them directly from Nintendo. However, these two bundles in particular are notorious for frequently being sold out, so realistically you would probably be buying these bundles at a significantly marked-up price from a re-seller. In that situation it would probably be better just to buy the games and Switch separately.

Most bundles that you’ll come across are not official licensed bundles but rather are third-party bundles. They often include other high-profile games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Kart 8 Deluxe, and these could be worth picking up. Look for these types of bundles that are priced around $359, because this is around the same price as if you were to buy the game and console separately. The primary advantage of a bundle is the time-saving aspect of not having to make two separate purchases, as well as potentially saving money on taxes? Also, as mentioned before, bundles sometimes come with exclusive accessories.

Accessory Bundles

There are some Switch related bundles that also come with some useful accessories. For example, this one being sold here at Walmart includes Splatoon 2 and a Splatoon 2 themed carrying case. I’ve also seen other travel-style bundles that don’t include the Switch itself but instead come with different travel accessories such as screen protectors, carrying cases, and extra charging cables. These bundles might be worth looking at if you plan to use the Switch primarily as a mobile device.

However, as a general rule most of the accessories that are used for the Switch don’t come in bundles with the system itself and must be bought separately. For example, I haven’t been able to find any bundle that includes the Switch Pro Controller, and I’d consider that accessory to be one of the better ones. Most of the accessory bundles that I have been able to locate were carrying case or travel-themed bundles. If you plan to take the Switch traveling quite a bit then one of these packs may be just what you are looking for.

Scam Bundles: Watch Your Wallet!

Before we end, there are a few other important things to consider. Firstly, as mentioned before, Nintendo has only released two official bundles for the switch: the Splatoon 2 bundle and the Super Mario Odyssey bundle, which each come with some neat exclusives such as custom carrying cases. The majority of bundles that you’ll see online are custom 3rd-party bundles, which can have varying degrees of quality. For this reason, it is crucial to be wary of scam bundles that add up to a higher price than if you were to simply buy the items separately.

Also, make sure to read the titles of bundles carefully to detect misleading descriptions. For example, some bundles are advertised as “28 games in one” when in reality the bundle consists only of the Switch itself and one other game called “1-2 Switch”, which is a collection of 28 different mini games. One other precaution that you can take is to read the reviews of previous customers who purchased the bundle. Often if there is something wrong with the bundle, such as missing/incorrect components, the reviewers in the comment section (if there is one) will make their voices heard loud and clear. It’s always wise to take every precaution possible when spending your hard-earned money on a not-so-insignificant purchase, because there’s always someone out there eager to make a quick buck off of other’s inexperience.

Final Thoughts and Summary

The way I see it, if you are looking for an official Nintendo Bundle you might have a hard time finding one that isn’t a significantly more expensive version from a re-seller, due to how well these bundles sold and are continuing to sell. You’ll probably have a lot more luck getting 3rd party bundles online from GameStop or Best Buy. However, in this case you’ll have to double-check the quality of what you are buying. If both of these options seem unappealing to you I would simply recommend buying the Switch and the games + accessories you want on their own, especially considering that it is far easier to find the Switch in stock on its own as opposed to in an official bundle.

Images taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/bochalla/37278454782 and Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Very helpful Tarik. Shopping for grand kids in a industry that I have zero experience in is quite difficult. It tough enough getting scammed, add to that the look on the grand kids face when they are not receiving what we thought we were buying them for their birthday. Ouch!

    • Glad I could help, thanks for visiting! If you’ve got any other Switch related questions I’ll be around to answer them.

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