The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch is a superb console on its own. Nevertheless, there are many great accessories available that can further enhance your gaming experience. In this article I will go over some of the best Nintendo Switch Accessories currently on the market, as well as list their approximate prices to help you keep track of how much these will cost in total. I will also help you avoid potentially useless or harmful third-party accessories.

Glass Screen Protectors ($5 – $10)

This item is a must-have if you plan to travel a lot with your Switch. Having a good screen protector helps prevent scratches that can occur if you accidentally drop the portable screen on the go. There are many decent screen protectors that are available for a small cost. You can check Amazon, for example: here is a glass protector that I was able to find. Screen protectors for any device are definitely a sound investment. Were you to pick one accessory to buy out of all the ones in this article I would go with a screen protector for sure.

Switch Carrying Case ($10 – $30)

Another useful accessory to have if you like to travel a lot is a carrying case. The Switch typically does not come with its own travel case (the exception to this is Switch Bundles, which you can read more about here). There are some cases that are designed to hold the switch screen and a couple Joy-Cons, while others can hold the whole console plus several other accessories like the Pro Controller. The former type are usually cheaper than the latter, and are better if you can foresee yourself using the screen often, while the latter type may be better if you use mainly play the Switch on the TV. Here’s a good case I found on Amazon.

Battery Pack ($30 – $80)

As I mentioned in my article about the pros and cons of the Switch, one of the main inhibiting factors to gaming on the go is the relatively short battery life of the portable console, which is around 3 to 6 hours depending on the game. Having a portable battery pack can considerably help alleviate this problem by extending the battery life of the portable Switch by anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. This can also come in handy for long plane, car rides, or any other situation where you anticipate that you won’t be able to charge your device for some time.

Nintendo Pro Controller ($64)

The Switch joy-cons are definitely serviceable controllers for most games, but some people may instead prefer the look and feel of a more classic style of controller. If, for example, you fall into this category fear not, for Nintendo themselves have such a controller on the market: the Nintendo Pro Controller. This controller is easily the best traditional style controller for the Switch, so if you are willing to pay the moderately high cost you will definitely get your money’s worth.

In terms of comfort this controller is one of the best I’ve ever held, and it doesn’t leave any part of your hands sore even after extended hours of usage. Don’t even bother with other third party controllers for the Switch; instead, save up for the Pro Controller and you can’t go wrong. Zelda: Breath of the Wild in particular is a game that I think is best played with the Pro Controller.

MicroSD Card ($40)

The Nintedo Switch has the capability to store games as downloads as opposed to playing them on cartridges, and some games need extra download space even if they are on a cartridge. In addition, there are many independent game titles that are only available via download. For these reasons, it would be wise to invest in a MircoSD card so you don’t have to worry about storage for a few years. I would recommend to get one that has at least 128 GB of storage for a solid long-term investment. Also, make sure to get a Class 10 and XC 1 or better type card.

Joy-Con Controller Handles ($13)

With some games, the Joy-Cons can actually be tilted onto their sides and held like a miniature controller. If, for example, you find this type of gameplay less than ideal then consider getting Joy-Con controller handles. They add handles onto the sides of the Joy-Cons and have easy-to-press shoulder buttons, while increasing the overall size of the Joy-Con.

Amazon usually has these available for a modest price. Here’s a pair I found, for example. For its price it can greatly increase your quality of gameplay. If, for example, you tend to play multiplayer games that let you use sideways Joy-Cons (such as Mario Kart 8) then consider picking up this accessory.

Portable Battery ($80)

There are some excellent portable battery chargers out there. For instance, this one allows you to charge your switch while you play it, and it also comes with additional USB ports for smartphones and other devices. A bit pricey but if you can afford the cost it will definitely come in handy in a variety of different situations. For instance if you are waiting in an airport it will allow you to use your switch without consuming battery power so that on the plane you will have more battery time.

Caution: Be Careful of Third Party Accessories

Before you decide to buy any accessories not made directly by Nintendo, you should do some more research on your own. This way, you can better determine the quality of third party accessories and avoid buying something that will end up being a complete waste of money or, worse yet, actually harm your device! For example, in the news recently there have been reports of several third party charging docks causing the Switch to become bricked (meaning that the Switch becomes essentially useless, like a brick). Third party accessories can definitely be useful, just be sure to check them out thoroughly beforehand, although the most surefire way to avoid these types of scenarios is to only buy official Nintendo accessories.

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